- Demandware, Inc. (www.demandware.com), provider of the ecommerce platform that offers merchants the optimal combination of control, flexibility and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, has launched an advanced e-commerce website for Musician's Hut (www.musicianshut.com). The site runs on Demandware eCommerce, a full-featured and customizable on-demand ecommerce platform. Demandware gives Musician's Hut complete control over online merchandising through a rich set of configuration and customization options, the flexibility needed to rapidly respond to evolving customer requirements, and the ability to minimize up-front operating costs.

"Built by musicians for musicians," Musician's Hut is owned and operated by professional musicians with a vision for a new kind of musician-friendly, hyper-interactive, multi-channel source for musical instruments and equipment. The company has launched its Web site with a full line of top-brand drums and percussion equipment-including Pearl, Sabian, Latin Percussion, Gibraltar, Toca, and Zildjian-and will grow its offering over the coming year to comprise a complete music store selection, including guitars, amps, keyboards, lighting, sound, DJ and recording equipment and more at competitive prices. Musician's Hut's vision is to combine the best brands, rich content and superior customer service to become "the guy musicians get their gear from," whether on the Web or in their retail stores. Demandware employed its unique partner model, teaming with Demandware certified implementation partner, Ixtens, to implement Musician's Hut's vision.

"Musicians typically rely on the referrals of other musicians they know and trust when making their decisions-whether on an instrument, a piece of equipment, a supplier or even a band member. We needed to be able to reflect that community-based buying model on our site," said Musician's Hut CEO Eric Archuleta. "With Demandware, we were able to create a site that had a unique "music store" look and feel but also provided the underlying complex functionality and ecommerce conversion technology we needed to implement a community-based model, including wish lists, price matching, comparisons, product reviews and the ability to 'forward-to-a friend.'"

According to Achuleta, Musicians Hut's criteria for selecting its ecommerce platform included complete control over the appearance of the site to tailor it to appeal to musicians and avoid the "cookie-cutter" look other ecommerce platforms impose; advanced functionality to achieve the best possible customer experience; flexibility to respond to customer feedback and provide the nimbleness needed for a competitive edge; and the ability minimize operation costs.

"Demandware's control, flexibility and a pay-as-you-go pricing model enabled us to easily meet Musician's Hut's unique requirements," said Stephan Schambach, CEO of Demandware. "The site's unique, musician-focused look and feel, community-based selling model and outstanding customer service were important to Musician's Hut, and Demandware provides features, customization capabilities and scalable capacity that make Musician's Hut's model work."

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Demandware provides a complete ecommerce platform that provides the merchandising control, flexibility, functionality and interoperability of a full ecommerce application suite with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. With Demandware, merchants can deliver custom ecommerce solutions without buying software or operating expensive datacenters. Demandware was founded by a team with proven expertise from leading ecommerce infrastructure companies including ATG, Macromedia, Intershop and NaviSite. The company has strong backing from major IT investors North Bridge Venture Partners and General Catalyst Partners. For more information about Demandware, visit http://www.demandware.com.