- Demandware and Allurent today announced a partnership to combine their industry leading merchandising and Rich Commerce applications to complement Demandware's breakthrough On-Demand eCommerce Platform. Allurent's rich shopping and merchandising functionality will be incorporated with Demandware's powerful merchandising features and eCommerce platform to create the optimal solution for retailers.

Through the Allurent partnership, Demandware customers will have access to exciting new user-facing functionality in order to increase conversion rates, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and improve customer satisfaction.

"Allurent and Demandware are both leaders in online merchandising functionality and the products are 100% complementary," said Stephan Schambach, founder and chairman of Demandware. "We chose to partner with Allurent to provide the best available rich shopping features to enable our customers to stay one step ahead of the competition."

"We feel this partnership provides customers with the best of both worlds: full online merchandising and a powerful eCommerce delivery platform for a superior customer experience," said Joe Chung, co-founder and CEO at Allurent. "Partnering with a leading on-demand eCommerce provider like Demandware gives us the ability to offer our rich shopping experience modules as a service to retailers."

Through the Demandware eCommerce Platform, leading brands can take advantage of the full range of Allurent's Rich Commerce Suite. Selected modules include:

  • Allurent Detail
    Allows customers to easily see merchandise information, view product imagery, and select the specific item attributes they wish to purchase in a concise presentation.
  • Allurent Inline Cart
    Gives customers immediate access to the items in their order and the running total without leaving the shopping process, reducing abandonment.
  • Allurent Display
    Creates fresh and engaging interactive product displays that link directly to the shopping process, resulting in greater consumer interest and increased sales.
  • Allurent Video
    Creates a more emotional response to merchandise with commerce-enabled video displays that allow the consumer to interact with merchandise and buy directly from the video.
  • Allurent Navigation
    Provides seamless transitions between different areas of the store to create a completely pageless shopping experience, improving usability and increasing customer satisfaction.

In addition to providing a compelling customer experience with Allurent, Demandware provides a full range of best-in-class eCommerce capabilities to online merchants for driving online revenue. Delivering a rich platform through a service-based model, Demandware uniquely provides its customers with:

  • Leading Merchandising to deliver a better shopping experience, increased sales and improved customer loyalty
  • Total Control for merchandisers, marketers and web developers over the web site, resulting in quicker time-to-market
  • Constant Innovation automatically delivers timely, feature rich upgrades to your site without extra cost, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition
  • Low Risk with a reliable, on-demand platform that scales to meet seasonal peaks in traffic

Demandware (Booth #315) and Allurent (Booth #1409) will be exhibiting at the upcoming Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (www.internetretailer.com/ir2007) to be held June 4 - 8, 2007 in San Jose, California. To request a meeting at the show, please contact Demandware at info@demandware.com.

About Demandware, Inc.
Demandware drives the success of high-growth brands with its breakthrough On-Demand eCommerce Platform that empowers merchandising and marketing talent with total control over the shopping experience and continuous competitive differentiation. Leading brands such as Bare Escentuals, Playmobil, and Playboy leverage Demandware's best-in-class eCommerce functionality and automatic upgrades help to achieve higher conversion rates, increase average order size, and improve customer retention. Demandware is the only on-demand ecommerce solution that enables the rapid rollout of new sites, provides ubiquitous access to business and technical users, and is backed by a patented grid computing architecture that delivers capacity as needed for performance and reliability that exceeds industry standards. For more information about Demandware, call 888 553 9216 or email info@demandware.com.

About Allurent, Inc.
Leading retailers choose Allurent products to create the most compelling online shopping experiences imaginable. Our innovative e-commerce products deliver rich interactions throughout the shopping lifecycle, from browsing to choosing to buying. The result is a superior shopping experience leading to more satisfied customers and greater sales. Our deep experience developing world-class e-commerce software helps us deliver intuitive and engaging products that are easily configured to match your brand and integrate with your existing infrastructure. For additional information please visit www.allurent.com.